Bringing Native Plants Home

The Rain Campaign

Helping you establish native plants at home

The Quarantine 12-Pack

Providing a safe & fun way to garden this season

With COVID-19, we are in unprecedented times leaving many people spending more time at home than ever before and finding ways to practice safe social distancing. 

Have you found yourself at home thinking about landscaping, fixing up an old garden, or just wanting to spend some time outside? This is a great time to incorporate some native prairie plants into your landscaping, giving you a fun & family friendly activity to do at home!

Native plants can be hard to find at traditional gardening or hardware stores, so we’ve teamed up with Allendan Seed Company to make your search for native plants easy. The Rain Campaign is excited to announce the Quarantine 12-pack to provide a convenient 12 pack of native plants delivered right to your front door!

What’s Included

Our 12-pack of plants is a prairie in a box delivered right to your front door. Included in the package will be planting tips and plant tags to keep track of your new plants!

A variety of 12 sun-loving prairie flowers that are native to Central Iowa will be included in each 12-pack. These plant plugs are generally 6-12” tall and will be immediately ready to plant.

Species chosen for the Quarantine 12-pack are native plants suited to any home landscaping. At full mature height these plants will about 3-4 feet tall or shorter. Each box will include a variety of sun-loving native plants from the following list:

Rain Campaign Special Offer

As part of the Rain Campaign, we are offering the first 200 orders of the Quarantine 12-Pack for $40.00! 

Regular price $65.00 

Price includes shipping and handling.

*Individuals may order more than one Quarantine 12-pack. However, only the first 12-pack will be at the special price of $40 and all additional 12-packs will be at the regular price.

This special offer is available to Iowa residents only.

How to Order

Orders for the Quarantine 12-Pack will be taken directly by Allendan Seed Company via phone or email.

Allendan Seed Company Contact Information

  • When you order via phone ask for the “Rain Campaign Quarantine 12-pack”
  • When ordering via email, please write “Rain Campaign Quarantine 12-pack” in the subject line.

About our plant supplier: Allendan Seed Company is located in Winterset, IA where they have been growing, harvesting, and selling native prairie seed and plants since 1980.  Operating on over 4,000 acres of prairie, Allendan specializes in native prairie plants.  For more information about Allendan, visit their website at

Why Native Plants?

Across Iowa, our native prairie has been mostly eliminated by rural farming and urban development. However, we can help bring back important native species by incorporating them into landscaping at home! Here are some benefits of native plants:

  • Prairie plants benefit pollinators and birds by providing food sources giving them a tasty treat!
  • Prairie plants have deep roots that can help make your soil more like a sponge to soak up water.
  • Prairie plants can help improve water quality by minimizing stormwater runoff from your house.
  • Prairie plants are well adapted to Iowa weather meaning they can tolerate heavy rains and hot, dry summers too!

Iowa Native Plants

Golden Alexander
Prairie Phlox
Blue Flag Iris
Canada Anenome
Wild Red Columbine
Fox Sedge
Wild Petunia
Virginia Bluebells
Large-Flowered Beardtongue
Prairie Coreopsis
Butterfly Milkweed
Wild Geranium
Purple Coneflower
Evening Primrose
Grass Leafed Goldenrod
Prairie Smoke
Prairie Blazing Star
Purple Poppy Mallow
Wild Bergamot
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