Funding Resources

Across the Des Moines metro, funding resources for stormwater management practices have been made available to you. Stormwater management practices or “Rainscaping Practices” include solutions such as rain barrels, rain gardens, and soil quality restoration.

Each available funding program and contact information is listed below. These programs include those administered by Des Moines metro area cities, watershed projects, and others.


Program Manager: Karen Oppelt


Program Manager: Becky Ford

Des Moines

Program Managers: Justin D’Souza, Isaac Svoboda


Program Manager: Clayton Ender

Pleasant Hill

Program Manager: Chris Widmer


Program Manager: Kristin Brostrom


Program Manager: Jenny Corkrean

West Des Moines

Program Manager: Jeff Nash

Windsor Heights

Program Manager: Dalton Jacobus

Easter Lake

Program Manager: Cody Acevedo

Polk County

Program Manager: Jennifer Welch

Iowa SRF Loans

Program Manager: Paul Miller

The Rain Campaign

enabling people to protect water

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